Dr. E Beauty Ultrasonic LED Light Photon Therapy Beauty Skin Care Machine Anti Aging Facial Toning Device – Love it or Your Money Back (White)

Dr. E Beauty Ultrasonic LED Light Photon Therapy Beauty Skin Care Machine Anti Aging Facial Toning Device - Love it or Your Money Back (White)

  • 3.0 million Micro Vibration vibrations infiltrate the dermis and promote recovery of elasticity and collagen so that fine wrinkles disappear.
  • Buzzer with two audible sounds before auto shut-off; Light weight – easy to carry and use in any time any place.
  • The waves are much more small and gentle with Micro Vibration’s 3 million vibrations, and more suitable for treatment around the eye area and forehead.
  • The effects of multiple colors are added to the ordinary specifications of Micro Vibration. Red light: skin cell activity, metabolism stimulation, collagen stimulation, blood stimulation, rejuvenate skin, anti aging, anti wrinkle, shrink pore size and help curing wounds. Blue light: acne curing, anti acne, inflammation diminishing, reduce acne scar, oil controlled, improve sensitive skin and skin rashes. Yellow light: good for chronic diseases and anti wrinkles, helping on nursing skin.
  • Color:White. Package contains: Main system*1, Power cable*1, Goggles*1, Rubber gasket*2, Gift box*1, English manual*1, Marcato Limited Facial Mask

Functions 1. Whitening 2. Keep Moisture 3.Improve Blood Circulation 4. Removes Pimples 5.Minimizes Pores 6. Firms Skin 7. Smoothes 8. Anti-wrinkles 9. Balance skins and enhance blood circulation 10.Prevent the formation of melanin pigment 11. Remedy acne and dermatitis. During treatment, user feels no heating, no strong vibration but feel soft and small vibrating as the Micro Vibration waves frequency is high and skin cannot feel much. But pigment gets breakdown, Molecule gets activated, blood circulation and metabolism gets motivated during treatment. Skin becomes finer and smoother, pore size shrinks, wrinkle released and pigmentation fades away. BlUE (417nm): Its wavelength is 417 nm, which can penetrate a distance of 0.5 mm. Blue ray has sedating and acne resisting effects. It is suitable for sensitive, oily and skin with acnes. It can adjust the oil secretion on the skin and effectively remove pimples and improve the purpose of having acne-free skin. In addition, blue ray also has the functions of shrinking pores and adjusting the balance of water and oil. RED (633nm): Its wavelength is 633 nm, which can penetrate a distance of 0.8 mm. Red ray is suitable for any skin type. It can reach the skin layer to stimulate fibroblast and its warmth can promote blood circulation as well as the growth of collagen. It helps to fade the fine wrinkles and let the skin to increase elasticity, become smoother and shinier. Its mild wavelength is suitable for areas around eyes and forehead. YELLLOW (590nm): Its wavelength is 590nm. The ray is absorbed by fibroblast to reduce skin darkness and promote the growth of cells. It thickens and reconstructs the skin structure, leading to white and soft skin with elasticity. Specifications: Power source: Input: AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.25A; Output: DC15V 0.4A; Machine net weight: 150g; Package cross weight: 380g; Dimensions: 21*15*6cm.

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