HypoWallet – Glucose Energy Kit

HypoWallet - Glucose Energy Kit

  • Unique glucose management kit
  • Contains fast acting measured dosages of carbohydrate
  • Robust; convenient & portable packaging
  • Easy to use and consume
  • Contents within hand luggage airline restrictions

It consists out of:

1 x 10 pack of chewable orange GlucoTabs (each tablet contains 4g of carbohydrate)
1 x 60ml shot of GlucoJuice (a shot contains 15g of carbohydrate)
2 x 25g tubes of GlucoGel (each 25g tube contains 10g of carbohydrate)

All the above come packaged in a robust handy case to keep all your products together and is easily accesible for yourself and your carers.

Case dimensions: 14cmx9.5cmx5cm.

The contents of the Hypowallet is classed as a foodstuff, not a health and safety product and is a simple dextrose product used by anyone needing an energy boost. Instructions are not therefore included.

Discount Price: £7.00
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