2 x Premium Hot and Cold Reusable Gel Body Straps with Storage Bag by MagicGel (Pink)

2 x Premium Hot and Cold Reusable Gel Body Straps with Storage Bag by MagicGel (Pink)

  • USE HOT: 30 Seconds in the Microwave and the gel will soften like a liquid. Pop it in the strap and place against your injury for the most effective heat treatment available on the market.
  • USE COLD: 2 Hours in the Freezer for ICE Cold, or an hour in the fridge for more of a cool feeling. Place in the wrap and let it conform around your injury and watch your swelling and bruising reduce.
  • TWINPACK – Combine the Gel Pack with our Plush Cotton Cover and Elasticated Strap for effective Hot or Cold Compression. Don’t waste your money on expensive and unnecessary strapping!
  • FULLY REUSABLE – Our Market-leading Gel pack is designed to last. Launched in 2016, Magic Gel have unique additives in our gel to ensure our Gel Packs are the most durable and long-lasting available.
  • HIGH GRADE PREMIUM GEL PACK – Our high quality Luxury Hot Cold Packs are manufactured with the strongest Nylon fabric material and high viscosity medical-grade Gel to ensure flexibility at cold temperatures. Don’t be fooled by expensive competitors!

Twin Pack of Premium Hot Cold Therapy Solution for your Pain Relief

Frozen peas don’t cut it, hot water bottles don’t cut it and you want to try something a bit easier and more effective for your injuries?

Our gel pack compress wrap takes drug-free injury treatment to the next level.

The Magic Gel premium hot cold pack is designed for durability and the soft-touch fabric cover provides luxurious comfort and highly effective compression therapy.

Box contains: + Premium tight edge gel pack

+ Luxury compression wrap


For cold treatment – place it in the freezer for 2 hours. For warmth – heat in microwave for 30 seconds then further bursts of 10 seconds as required. Be very wary not exceed this, never overheat.

Oh, and if you’ve got any worries at all about your purchase, you’re covered with our no quibble guarantee. We’ll refund you for any problems within the first 12 months. Good luck with your rehab!

Discount Price: £12.99
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