Amazing Anti-Hair Loss Tonic – Stops Thinning & Starts Growth…Fast! BioWoman Re-Hare Tonic 100ml

Amazing Anti-Hair Loss Tonic - Stops Thinning & Starts Growth...Fast! BioWoman Re-Hare Tonic 100ml

  • A unique combination of natural ingredients prevents hair loss, strengthens hair ahir shafts and stimulates the growth of new hair.
  • White sweet lupine extract stimulates hair growth and stops thinning.
  • Ginseng extract aids in blood circulation and promotes the delivery of nutrients to the hair root
  • Alor vera extract helps nourish the hair and scalp, making hair shinier and softer
  • Chamomile oil helps relieve dry, itchy scalp and soothes irritation

A unique combination of all-natural ingredients specially formulated to prevent hair loss, re-grow hair and make the hair healthy, soft and shiny.

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