Codefree Blood Glucose Monitor/Monitoring Test/Testing Kit+Strips+Lancets+Case – in mmol/L

Codefree Blood Glucose Monitor/Monitoring Test/Testing Kit+Strips+Lancets+Case - in mmol/L

  • Diabetics do not have to pay VAT but unfortunately most other companies will require you to pay the full price including VAT and will leave you to fill out a long form to claim the VAT back. But if you buy from us, all you need to do is buy from this listing and we have already taken the VAT off
  • What do I actually get with this pack – 1 x SD Codefree Blood Glucose Meter – mmol/L – stores up to 500 test results…..1 x Adaptable Lancing Device offering 10 different comfort settings…..10 x Blood Glucose Test Strips – Our replacement strips are just £7.99 for 50 strips…..10 x Lancets…..1 x 3V Battery Type CR2032…..1 x Carrying Case…..1 x SD Check Strip…..Full instructions and a helpful Self Test Diary…..Check the pictures above also show what you receive as part of your pack
  • Convenient – the meter is small (47mm x 95mm x 17.5mm) and lightweight (47.5g with battery) and comes with a free carry case so that you can take your SD CodeFree Meter with you anywhere. The carry case is compact and lightweight but still has compartments for everything you need – Lancing Device, Lancets, Test Strips and Instructions
  • Results given in the UK standard measurement of mmol/L
  • By purchasing this listing you are confirming that you have been diagnosed as being diabetic

The SD CodeFree Meter is one of the most accurate and reliable blood glucose meters available. Zurich University Hospital recently (28/03/2012) published research on the accuracy and reliability of the top 20 blood glucose meters and they came up with the following results – These results can be found in our Further Information Section.

If you are NOT a registered diabetic, please go to our other listing

Why would I need this Monitor if I am not diabetic?

Whilst the our Blood Glucose Monitoring System is designed to be used primarily by diabetics, it can also be used to give an accurate diagnosis to determine if you are diabetic.

Additional Features and Information

Quick and Easy to use – many meters will require you to enter a unique code every time you test but with the SD CodeFree Meter you just need to insert the Codefree strip into the slot, apply the blood to the test strip and the meter will automatically give you a reading in just 5 seconds!!
Alternative Site Testing – the kit comes with an adaptable lancing device enabling you to obtain a blood sample from somewhere other than your fingertip eg. palm, forearm etc. This can help to give you a more accurate result if you have not eaten or taken any insulin for a few hours.
You can use your SD CodeFree Meter with SD Diabetes Management Software to store your records on your computer and help you to spot patterns for planning meals, exercise and medication. The Software is free for all customers and should be used under the supervision of a medical professional who will be able to use the program to help you better manage your diabetes.
Cheap replacement lancets (just £4.99 for 100), lancing device and Codefree test strips (just £7.99 for 50) are all available from us

Comes with a free 1 year warranty.

Discount Price: £12.00
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