E-cloth Deep Clean Mop Head

E-cloth Deep Clean Mop Head

  • Replacement Cleaning Head For The E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop
  • Cleans Using Just Water – No Cleaning Chemicals Needed
  • Removes Grease & Dirt From All Types Of Hard Flooring
  • Removes Over 99% Of Bacteria Including E. Coli And Listeria

Deep Clean Mop Head

The Mop Head’s special weave and long fibres break up and hold grease and dirt, which ordinary mops leave behind. The Mop Head attaches with Velcro and is easily unattached for a quick rinse or wash. Brilliant on all hard floors including laminate, stone, tiles and wood. Use our Dry Mop Head, available separately, for the initial removal of dust and loose dirt.

45cm x 13.5cm

Discount Price: £6.17
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