Elephant Xu®2 PCS Super Mini Best Sound Amplifier Adjustable Tone Hearing Aids Aid

Elephant Xu®2 PCS Super Mini Best Sound Amplifier Adjustable Tone Hearing Aids Aid

  • This behind the ear mini deaf hearing aid is designed to feature an adjustable tone control knob.
  • It is beneficial for people have hearing problems.
  • It is more user-friendly. The deluxe amplifier has been improved the design so the user is able to adjust each device’s frequency tone response to match hearing environment better.

Improve your quality of life and say goodbye to embarrassing pauses while you struggle to hear what is being said with this voice amplifier. Forget cumbersome ‘over the ear’ styles, this amplifier fits comfortably in ear, and is so small and discreet you’ll forget you’re even wearing it.


– Best sound amplifier behind the ear.
– Super mini size and light weight, easy and comfortable to wear.
– Volume Adjustable.
– Silicone earplugs in 2 different sizes, fit most ears.
– With 2 cell batteries, and 1 cleaning brush.
– Help people with hearing impairment to hear sound and voice.


– Max SSPL: 129dB
– Full-on-gain(FOG): 30dB
– The Scope of frequency(Hz):100-3000 Hz
– Equivalent input noise lexel:≤25dB
– Harmonic Distortion:≤5.5%
– Power Voltage :1.4 V
– The sum settles electric CurrentmA: 1.6mA
– Battery Type: A312 PR41(included)
– Original box: Yes
– Product weight: 3g
– Package weight: 68g
– Color: Beige

Package included:

2 x New Adjustable Mini Digital Hearing Aid in Ear Sound Voice Amplifier
4 x Earplug of different size
4 x A312 batteries
2 x cleaning brush


1、The products are suitable for hearing loss patient whose aurioles and acoustic meatus work for the compensation of hearing loss. Not suitable for people with severe hearing loss. If there are ear infections, pus, does not recommend to use the hearing aid, it will be worse. If because of trauma or innate deafness, or deafness caused by illness, only digital hearing aids is suitable, analog machines generally do not apply.
2、In case of hearing the whistler, please select the earplug with appropriate size and plug it tightly. No air leakage is allowed.

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