Entry Shiatsu Massage Chair-HoMedics

Entry Shiatsu Massage Chair-HoMedics

  • Massage Chair with massage mechanism that feels like the hands of therapist
  • Comprises three massage zone settings: full, upper and lower back
  • Penetrating heat eases muscle stiffness and tension
  • Straps to almost any chair and is powered by a mains plug
  • Portable massage cushion folds away neatly

Treat your man (or yourself) to massage therapy at the touch of a button with this full length folding Shiatsu Massager.

Feel all the tension and tight spots being eased away as this fabulous remote controlled “cushion” kneads whichever part of your back you instruct it to. Customise your massage experience with 3 massage zone settings:

Full: Gives a full massage up and down the back.

Lower: Massage focuses on the mid and lower back.

Upper: Focuses the Massager on the Upper and mid back.

The massage cushion straps to almost any chair and comes complete with mains plug attachments. And because it’s portable, it folds away neatly and taken anywhere.The chair This chair features a 15 minute auto shut-off in case you stop and forget to turn it off. Great piece of home massaging kit; or keep it at the office for a bit of work down time. Perfect for those individuals who spend their days in a hunched over a spreadsheet looking at a computer screen. Comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.


66.5cm x 26.5cm x 45cm

Weight: 9.8 kg

Discount Price: £74.99
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