eSecure Behind the Ear Mini Amplifier Hearing Aids Aid + Batteries

eSecure Behind the Ear Mini Amplifier Hearing Aids Aid + Batteries

  • Universal design (Right or Left Ear) – (Male or Female Use)
  • Revolutionary New Technology
  • Razor Sharp Clarity
  • Easy to Use & Very Comfortable
  • Dispatched & sold by a UK supplier

This fantastic hearing device is designed specifically for the UK market and is guaranteed to improve your hearing ability. The state of the art design enables many with hearing problems to hear with a renewed clarity they previously thought impossible, even when surrounded by background noise.

The Hearing Aid is equally suitable for both male and female users and comes with a selection of different sized ear attachments to ensure a great fit. This tiny aid benefits from the use of micro-circuitry, which amplifies the sound every word as loud as you like with razor sharp clarity.

The Hearing Aid is universal and very simple to use and only takes seconds to attach. You don’t need to be measured up or undergo an ear exam. So whether you have been diagnosed with a hearing problem or just struggle to hear conversations clearly or have to watch the TV on full volume this hearing device is the answer.

The hearing aid is not a chunky sound booster, but a super sensitive ‘tuner’ that helps highlight those soft spoken, even whispered phrases that are so hard to pick out of the background. It’s so powerful – you’ll hear low level film and TV dialogue without enhancing the volume to the discomfort of others!

The hearing aid features full adjustable volume control and power on and off to conserve battery power when not in use. You will also receive a protective case to store the hearing aid away when not in use. Just wait until you hear how sharp and clear everything sounds! We are also including 3 x LR44 Coin Cell Batteries absolutely FREE *Please note the colour of the ear piece is not white but more ivory in colour*

Discount Price: £7.70
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