Fisher Price Classics Record Player

Fisher Price Classics Record Player

  • Classics from your childhood re-released
  • Retro Style Packagin
  • Fisher Price quality and value
  • Perfect for the growing baby/toddler
  • Ages 18 months +

Fisher Price’s classic toy is back in force. Teaming up with Basic Fun, some of the best selling retro toys are being re-introduced to the new generation of kids who found out the beauty of classic toys from Pixar’s popular Toy Story movie series.

Music Box Record Player
First introduced in 1971, the Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player has brought music to children’s ears for generations. Place one of the five double sided records on the turntable, wind it up and place the “needle” on the record to hear the classic “music box” rendition of ten timeless melodies. The records store conveniently inside the record player and the carry handle allows children to take it on the go.

Requires 3 AA Batteries. Not included.

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Discount Price: £22.95
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