Geco Supplements Organic Turmeric + Curcumin & BioPerine (120 x 500mg Veg Caps)

Geco Supplements Organic Turmeric + Curcumin & BioPerine (120 x 500mg Veg Caps)

  • ORGANIC – High dose of Organic Turmeric which is full of natural constituents and compounds such as Turmerin and Turmerone.
  • CURCUMIN – Curcumin is the compound in turmeric that has the most scientific research. We have included a dedicated 100mg dose of curcumin for effectiveness.
  • BIOPERINE – We have added BioPerine® – an extract from black pepper, which in a study increased curcumin bioavailability.
  • STANDARDISED – Our Curcumin is standardised to a 95% extract, the best on the market. Potent enough for 1-A-Day dosage.
  • QUALITY – Geco Supplements have been making high quality herbal supplements for years, we’re a company that you can trust.

Time and time again we see that food in its natural form is often best. This is still the case for turmeric, there’s lots of natural constituents in turmeric that not only have their own health benefits, but also help with overall bioavailability. However in some cases, it’s worth dosing the main active ingredient (curcumin) a little higher for more potent effects. For example, people with severe inflammation may want a higher dose of curcumin.

The problem is, if you consume too much curcumin the body metabolises it (breaks it down) and this means it is unable to enter the bloodstream and be beneficial to the body. Therefore we have done two things to prevent this from happening, and to allow the body to absorb as much curcumin as possible. First we have kept organic turmeric as the prime ingredient (395mg) as we still want all the natural goodies and constituents of turmeric! We have added an effective, but not over the top, dose of 95% curcumin (100mg). Enough to increase potency of the product without going overboard. Secondly we have added BioPerine® (5mg) which is an extract of black pepper. In studies this has shown to help prevent metabolism of curcumin and therefore increase curcumin bioavailability. It’s worth noting that BioPerine is only worth adding to supplements that have a dedicated dose of curcumin (like this one). With a plain turmeric product, the body will easily absorb the 3-5% of curcumin that’s in that product. This is the reason it’s not in our classic Organic Turmeric product, it’s simply not needed!

Geco specialises in organic herbs and spices. Please take the time to visit our website for more information about us and our products.


Organic Turmeric 395mg, Curcumin (95% extract) 100mg, BioPerine® 5mg.

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