HMS Vilgo Modern Non-Slip Adjustable Colourful Crutches (Candy Apple)

HMS Vilgo Modern Non-Slip Adjustable Colourful Crutches (Candy Apple)

  • Pivoflex ferrules prevent slipping
  • Powder-Coated adonised aluminium for extra strength
  • Hooked cuffs for hanging off arms and other things
  • Range of stylish, bold colours
  • Made in France, sold and delivered by a UK company.

These exclusive crutches are manufactured in France by the leading French Healthcare Company HMS Vilgo (est 1904), and imported into the UK exclusively by Glebe Healthcare & Mobility.

They are made of epoxy-coated anodised aluminium, and weigh roughly half a kilogram each. The handle is comprised of plastic with a soft-grip handle, and features a curved underside so that you can hang the crutches off your arms and other things when not in use.

Coming in a range of unique and modern colours, these crutches are a welcome change from boring NHS crutches, bringing both colour, style, and ease of use to the table.

Each crutch also features a special Pivoflex pivoting ferrule on the bottom, which flexes direction to always provide full contact at any angle that it is placed on, massively increasing grip and safety.


Quantity in purchase: 2 (Pair)
Floor to handle: 72/99cm
Weight per crutch: 0.56kg
Pole Diameter: 2.25cm
Ferrule: Special PivoFlex Non-Slip
Height Adjustments: 9

Discount Price: £29.99
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