Magnesium & Minerals Liquid Ionised – Science Proven

Magnesium & Minerals Liquid Ionised - Science Proven

  • CONCENTRATED LIQUID MAGNESIUM & MINERALS TO TAKS AS DROPS IN WATER OR BEVERAGE. Recovery is the most important factor for Health Oriel Cardio Revive is scientifically proven to play a huge role in Recovery
  • Superior bio-availability and bio-active capacity. So they get into your system fast and are not lost through your digestive and excretion systems.
  • Liquid Ionised magnesium, minerals and trace elements. Synchronised and balanced by volume and ratio for optimum cellular absorption.
  • Implications for people suffering from many illnesses are significant. Every illness begins in the blood, is transported by the blood. So is this not where you should look to begin?
  • Implications for athletes is Improved muscle healing, muscle regenerative capacity, improved injury recovery times, improved absorption of nutrients from food and supplements such as protein.

“Muscle memory and cellular memory is the ability of our muscles and cells to “remember” external influences such as exercise or nutrients and to respond in a more rapid manner, when we re-introduce these conditions or influences” Oriel Cardio Revive is concentrated to last longer and packed with “Free” Ionised Magnesium. That is magnesium that is liquid, ionised and before it has become attached to any ligands (Oxide, Citrate, Sulphate, Hydroxalate etc). Because of this, our body seeks it out immediately so it is inside our blood cells, having a positive functional effect within 60 minutes. Dublin City University, School of Health & Human Performance have carried out clinical studies on the benefits of Oriel Mineral Extract® (Cardio Revive) on human subjects, blood, muscle, skin, cardiovascular & endothelium systems. The highlights below are extracts from these scientific studies. Beneficial impact on Vascular function in 24hrs Beneficial impact on inflammation in 60 minutes Increase production of Stem Cells Exceptional Bio-availability (intracellular 60 mins) Improved blood oxygen levels.

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