Nature’s Own Organic Kelp 400mg (60 Capsules)

Nature's Own Organic Kelp 400mg (60 Capsules)

  • Nature’s Own kelp supplement contains 3 species of wild bladderwrack (the type of seaweed) – From a sustainable and clean supply with Organic Certification.
  • Our kelp is iodine rich yielding 280µg and also contains a broad spectrum of minerals, trace elements, micro-nutrients, vitamins, prebiotics and carotenoids
  • The mineral iodine helps make the thyroid hormones. These hormones help keep cells and the metabolic rate healthy – iodine contributes to a normal thyroid function
  • Suitable iodine levels are important in preconception, pregnancy and breastfeeding as the nutrient supports the baby’s future neural development
  • Iodine cannot be stored by the body for a long period and it must be obtained regularly via the diet or supplements

Nature’s Own kelp supplement has organic status and is guaranteed free from all impurities and pollutants. The kelp is from a sustainable source and is naturally and consistently high in iodine, containing 280ug per gluten-free capsule.

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