NRS Healthcare Thermo Safe Mug – Blue

NRS Healthcare Thermo Safe Mug - Blue

  • Insulated mug keeps drinks hot or cold for longer
  • Large handle easy to hold
  • Suitable for people who cannot tip their head/neck back to drink
  • Bright colour makes easy to see and distinguish
  • Matching lids available (sold separately)

The Thermo Safe Mug is designed to make contents of the mug easier to drink, by reducing the need for the user to tilt their head back. The lightweight insulated mug has a special cone interior shape, that tilts contents into the user’s mouth easier. This is ideal for users who have restricted movement. The mug is easy to grip as it has an extra large handle and a wide base for stability when not in use. The mug comes in an attractive colour, with a white rim. This makes it easily distinguishable, especially for people with dementia. Dishwasher and microwave safe. It can be used with a variety of lids to reduce spillage, sold separately. Non-Drip Spouted Lid, Small Hole Shaped Spouted Lid, Large Hole Shaped Spouted Lid and Easy Drinking Lid.

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