Otosan Ear Cones – Pack of 3 Pairs

Otosan Ear Cones - Pack of 3 Pairs

  • Class 1 Medical device
  • Helps the ears natural defences and build up of excess ear wax
  • XL size for longer burn
  • Ideal for professional use
  • Safe and effective

Otosan Cone for Ear Hygiene 6 Cones promotes ear health in a simple, effective and safe way, as it is a natural system that comes from an ancient popular tradition.The heat developed by the combustion of the cone gently enters the ear canal, therefore the wax softens and determines a “chimney effect “. Otosan cone is effective for removing earwax that can cause many problems, including tinnitus, whistling , noise perceived, impaired balance of atrial pressure and hearing impairment going pair with an ear feeling clogged.It is indicated for adults and children, especially for those who work in dusty environments, for persons subject to a ceruminous hypersecretion and for persons with external hearing aids. It is also useful for removing residual water that may accumulate in the ear after a swim in the sea or pool. Now enriched with propolis, the cone Otosan has an effective protective action for the ears. Reactive heat local blood circulation and provides a pleasant feeling of well-being and a relaxing effect for the whole body .This box contains 3 batches of 2 cones.

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