Pantogar – Specific treatment for hair and nails

Pantogar - Specific treatment for hair and nails

  • Male/Female diffusion of hair loss
  • Repairs Hair Damage / Hair structure lesions
  • Helps Nail growth disturbances
  • Prevent Alopecia
  • Made in Germany

Pantogar is an oral therapeutic agent for hair and nails. Pantogar supplies hair and nails with the fortifying substances calcium D-pantothenate and L-cystine, an amino acid. It also contains the protein Keratin which is the most essential constituent of the hair. Pantogar has an advantageous effect in the case of various forms of diffuse hair loss. An improvement in hair growth is observed, both from the number of spontaneously lost hairs and by an examination of the hair roots.

Pantogar improves the hair structure, increases resistance of the hair to mechanical and chemical damage and damage caused by sunlight and strengthens the hairs. Nail growth disorders are greatly improved by treatment with Pantogar. The nails become less brittle and their elasticity increases

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