Patterson Medical Wheelchair Clothing Mac with Sleeves

Patterson Medical Wheelchair Clothing Mac with Sleeves

  • Seam sealed for total waterproofing
  • Mac offers complete protection for wearer and the wheelchair
  • Covered by the ends of the sleeves
  • Vents at the rear of the mac allow use of the wheelchair’s pushing handles
  • Giving a smart finish and preventing the fabric from getting wet

Wheelchair Mac with Sleeves.

The Wheelchair Mac with Sleeves has sealed seams for total waterproofing and offers complete protection for both the wheelchair user and the chair. The knitted cuffs on the sleeves give the user additional comfort, reteining heat at the same time as preventing draughts, the cuffs are covered by the sleeve to give a smart appearance and to prevent them getting wet. Vents at the rear of the wheelchair mac allow easy access to the wheelchairs pushing handles if required and a small pouch pocket at the front provides a handy storage area for those essential personal items like door keys, a mobile phone, purse or wallet. Elasticated all the way around the bottom to ensure a snug fit, the mac is easy to put on and take off and can be folded into a compact size for easy storage.

Product Specification:

One Wheelchair Mac with Sleeves

Sealed seams for total waterproof protection

Knitted cuffs prevent draughts and chills

Handy pouch style pocket for storage

Elasticated all the way round for a snug fit

Easy to put on and take off

Folds into compact size for easy storage

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