Plantar Fasciitis – Compression Foot Sleeve – Relief From Swelling – Arch Support for Running, Sports & Everyday Use – Improves Blood Circulation -(1 Pair) (Small/Medium)

Plantar Fasciitis - Compression Foot Sleeve - Relief From Swelling - Arch Support for Running, Sports & Everyday Use - Improves Blood Circulation -(1 Pair) (Small/Medium)

  • PLANTAR FASCIITIS RELIEF SLEEVES – The compression sleeves are an effective treatment aid to alleviate pain from common conditions such as calf and Achilles tendon strains, calf cramps, and shin splints. The sleeves can also be worn after a rigorous activity to help your feet recover and reduce swelling and soreness in the foot, ankle, and lower leg.
  • COMFORTABLE AND CONVENIENT – Unlike orthotic inserts, these sleeves can be worn all the time, even when you sleep, and thus continuously work to retain the desired shape and provide the right compression to your feet to keep the fascia ligament stretched to alleviate the pain. Comes in premium packaging and available in two sizes: S/M, L/XL.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY WITH ANTI ODOR – The sleeves are made up of superior quality fabric that is quick at absorbing sweat and keeps your feet dry and odor free. The inner texture of the fabric gives you a cosy and soft to touch feel.
  • EFFECTIVE COMPRESSION – Unlike other sleeves in the market, these sleeves apply graduated pressure with their snug fit design and improve blood circulation rather than leading to blood pockets – thus helping you to recover faster by providing adequate but not excessive compression.
  • 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE – We offer a 100% Risk-Free Lifetime Guarantee to let you buy with confidence and just to let you know that we are always standing behind our products. So, order now and get this incredible compression foot sleeves to get immediate relief from PLANTAR FASCIITIS.


Foot pain has become a major problem that’s affecting many of us. The foot pain problem mainly occurs when feet are forced to take an unnatural shape, essentially due to poor footwear design or a wrong selection. The pain can also occur if you regularly participate in rigorous activities like running or workouts that puts excessive pressure on the feet.

Do you also suffer from anything like that and have been struggling to find a solution?

Not anymore! Our compression foot sleeves can make life a lot easier for you.


The sleeves have multiple zones of graduated compression along the upper ankle area down to the ball of the foot in order to provide a tight fit in the areas that need it most.


✔ Affordable solution to strengthen and support the arch curvature

✔ Helps you recover quickly after an excessive exertion

✔ Helps maintain balance by adjusting your feet on uneven surfaces

✔ Helps relieve pain from heel spurs and plantar fasciitis

✔ Allows you to walk and run comfortably

✔ Gives you more relaxed feet and a painless day

✔ Interchangeable – wear it on left or right foot

✔ You get 2 arch bandages in a pair

So what are you waiting for?

ORDER NOW to get these advanced compression foot sleeves delivered to you in just 5-6 days.

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