Proworks Adjustable Neoprene Ankle Support with Wider Range of Movement – One Size Fits All

Proworks Adjustable Neoprene Ankle Support with Wider Range of Movement - One Size Fits All

  • Carefully manufactured from high quality, breathable neoprene; designed to provide comfortable support for sore, strained or sprained ankles.
  • The unique open heel design allows for a more comfortable fit while providing a wider range of motion and support for your foot and ankle.
  • Sturdy crisscrossing hook and loop straps provide extra stability while restricting unnecessary movement; perfect for recovering your Achilles tendon, talocrural joint and other vulnerable tissues.
  • Suitable for post-surgery recovery, support during swollen or broken ankle treatment and other injuries including torn ligaments, dislocated joints and bruised tendons.
  • The elasticated neoprene build along with the contoured, open heel design allows these ankle braces to fit either foot with up to 28cm foot arch circumference. Hand-wash only. One brace included.

Proworks Breathable Neoprene Ankle Support Wrap with hook and loop Fasteners

If you’ve recently been injured and are undergoing treatment or post-surgery recovery, or if you simply desire extra support during your workouts, these premium quality ankle supports from Proworks are perfectly suited to supporting people with the prevention and recovery of injuries.

Suitable for both men and women, these Proworks ankle and foot supports are suitable for feet with a foot arch circumference of up to 280mm. Two criss-crossing hook and loop straps and two large hook and loop fasteners allow you to adjust the tightness to suit you and ensure you get a perfect, comfortable fit.

Effective & Comfortable Design

Unlike rigid sports tape or full heel wraps, these ankle braces allow for a wider range of movement, only limiting unnecessary movements to stabilise your muscles, tendons and joints and aid with a faster, fuller recovery by ensuring the affected area is kept warm and comfortable.

You can even wear an ankle brace over your socks and with shoes on, allowing you to exercise, go running or perform any athletic activity that could put strain on your feet and ankles, helping to prevent injuries and straining from occurring in the first place.

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