RUIMIO 6pcs Ear Curette Earwax Removal Ear Pick Care Tool with Storage Box

RUIMIO 6pcs Ear Curette Earwax Removal Ear Pick Care Tool with Storage Box

  • 100% medical grade stainless steel,easy to clean and sterilize,safe kits for personal and family. High-quality stainless steel ensures constant durability.
  • Includes a tool with a unique spring and spiral design,that can effectively relieve itching and massage the ear canal while cleaning. Skid resistant ergonomics design,easy to control and more safe.
  • All tools are fully polished,all surfase smooth and rounded,to prevent any irritation or scratching. The handles are designed for a secure, non-slip grip.
  • Come with a elegant storage box to store and carry your ear picks in style. Suitable for at-home or professional use. And well-designed package,can be a super gift for friends.
  • Unconditional money-back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with this item for any reason, we’ll immediately refund your purchase price.

Take your ear-care to the next level with this set of six professional tools.
– Featuring the same sorts of tools used by doctors to remove cerumen (earwax), this set is perfect for anyone who suffers from earwax buildup.

RUIMIO 6pcs Clean Earwax Efectively
– Most of the tools feature a double-ended design, giving you a total of 11 tool shapes to choose from.
– These tips include several sizes of the traditional spoon curette shape, several sizes of spiral tips (also called disk tips), and one of our special spring tip.
– These two latter types are used by gently twirling the tool in the ear.
– Where cotton swabs often accomplish nothing except pushing wax further into the ear, these professional-quality tools are specially designed to lift earwax out, safely and efficiently.

– Always clean ear picks before use with alcohol or soap and water.
– The ear canal is delicate, so always use earwax removal tools gently and carefully.
– Consult a doctor if you experience discharge from the ear, persistent irritation, or hearing loss.

Package includes:
-6*Ear picks
-1*Storage box

Discount Price: £5.99
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