Saalux UV Comb – Psoriasis UVB UV Light Therapy Treatment

Saalux UV Comb - Psoriasis UVB UV Light Therapy Treatment

  • High performance – extensive and uniform radiation, Radiation strength: 3.5 mW/cm2 (UV-B), UV-B (311 nm), German Technology
  • Modern device design – extremely lightweight ergonomic design, Weight UV-comb: 165 g, 4-year warranty, Dimensions: 330 x 50 x 50 mm (L x W x H), Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz / 40 VA
  • Closed housing with integrated transparent comb attachment, Radiation surface approx. 120 x 45 mm, UV-B / 311 nm narrowband
  • Practical – no unnecessary corners and gaps to catch hair or scales in, Sanitary – comb attachment removable and easy to clean inside as well as outside
  • Durable -thanks to the solid, rugged comb attachment, Functional – timer with large display and UV-protective goggles

Discover the brand new Saalux Psoriasis UVB Comb relieving your scalp from all psoriasis conditions. Extremely stylish and modern, the Saalux is the new generation of psoriasis UVB Comb. With its light weight, 165g only, the Saalux comb becomes very easy to manoeuvre on the scalp without causing any strain to your wrist. Making use of UV-Phototherapy (radiations/light), the Saalux emits a special UV-B (311nm) penetrating the scalp, bringing instant relief, while positively impacting on the immune system & enhancing the skin regeneration behaviour for psoriasis sufferers. Delivering the UV-B light to the scalp is made easier with the Saalux, through its 2 external comb rows. Compared to other light combs, the Saalux has been designed to offer a larger therapy surface (120mm x 45mm) allowing larger areas to be treated. Versatile, the Saalux can be used to treat other small affected areas of the body by removing the comb attachment. After usage, the Saalux comb is easily cared for. The attachment comb can be removed and washed. It is designed in such a way that no residue is left on the unit after cleaning. The Saalux also comes with a cover to protect the comb and the lamp when not in use. In order to facilitate its use, the Saalux has a UV protective goggle (fundamental to wear during treatment) and a countdown timer. Medically Certified, the Saalux comes with a 4 year manufacturer’s warranty, making it to be the latest entrusted, stylish, light weight device to help you treat your psoriasis while making your life better every day.

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