SOS Talisman ST21 Medical Symbol ID Alert Necklace Allergy, Diabetes, Epilepsy etc. Stainless Steel.

SOS Talisman ST21 Medical Symbol ID Alert Necklace Allergy, Diabetes, Epilepsy etc. Stainless Steel.

  • SOS Talisman logo on the front – Medical Symbol on the back on the back. Full one year guarantee. Medical emergency unisex alert pendant including 55cm chain (approx 21.5″) Double sided Instructions card. Waterproof & hypoallergenic. Suitable for all conditions.
  • Genuine SOS Talisman medical emergency necklace as recommended by doctors & paramedics. Vital protection if you have conditions you might need to alert an emergency medic about. Please see product description below for full details. *This product is packaged in a minimalist box to reduce its environmental footprint. It is not supplied in a presentation gift box.
  • THE CADUCEUS (the wand of the Greek god Hermes), is nearly universally used as a symbol of the medical profession, and is often depicted as a SNAKE & STAFF. This is the one of the most recognised medical symbols in the world.

Every SOS Talisman necklace we send will also be supplied with: an SOS Talisman Information Strip, Internal Clip, Pre-fitted Rubber Seal (in cap), Unique Capsule Identification Number (in base), SOS Talisman Sticker & Box.

They are particularly recommended for these and many other medical conditions: Diabetes, asthma, anticoagulant dependency eg warfarin, bleeding or clotting disorders, adrenal insufficiency (Addison’s disease), Alzheimer’s, steroid dependency, epilepsy, nut & food allergies, tetanus allergy, drug allergies eg aspirin, pacemaker, cardiac valves etc, anitbiotic allergies eg penicillin, haemodialysis: kidney failure, dementia, inability to communicate and many more.

The hidden secret is that inside every SOS Talisman is a unique, special Talisman Information Strip made of non-soluble paper. This Talisman Information Strip is 12 inches (30.5cm) long, waterproof, and stores all your vital medical data on both sides!

Why do so many doctors and health professionals recommend the SOS TalismanTM system? – because unlike other systems, there are no ongoing costs: you will pay no annual fee for maintaining your details on a computer or operator controlled telephone number as all your details are immediately available within the capsule; and you can update your information yourself at any time.

“SOS Talisman” is a registered Trade Mark of Adeva SA

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