T&S Products 400 best quality 100% cotton waxing strips

T&S Products 400 best quality 100% cotton waxing strips


T&S Products high quality fabric waxing strips which is suitable for both facial or body waxing.

Packet contents

4 packs of 100 best quality strips

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Naissance Grapeseed Oil 100ml 100% Pure

Naissance Grapeseed Oil 100ml 100% Pure

  • 100% pure Grapeseed Oil, hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.
  • A very fine and light oil which is easily absorbed by the skin and is suitable as a moisturiser whatever your skin type, leaves the skin soft and smooth.
  • Contains Fatty Acids, natural Linoleic Acid, vitamins E, C and Beta Carotene, and Omega 3,6 and 9. Grapeseed Oil has been known to improve the appearance of aging skin.
  • Used for massage, aromatherapy, skincare, hair conditioning, face cleansing and as a natural make-up remover. Often used as a carrier or base oil combined with essential oils to create various beauty treatments.
  • Not tested on animals and vegan friendly. Packaged using sustainable paper and cardboard. Kind to you and the environment.

Skincare: Grapeseed Oil is often used to hydrate the skin, leaving it soft and hydrated without feeling greasy. Its fatty acid and vitamin content make it useful as a remedy to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin texture. This oil might also help to protect the skin from adverse weather conditions. When applied to the eye area Grapeseed Oil may help reduce the appearance of dark circles and bags under the eyes. It can also be used as a cleanser and a make-up remover. Massage: May have a firming effect on the skin and help reactivate the microcirculation, especially on areas such as the neck, arms and legs. It is also considered beneficial for helping with varicose veins, promoting good blood circulation and reducing and preventing stretch marks, especially when combined with Rosehip Oil. Haircare: Helps hydrate the hair, making it stronger, especially during the summer. An intensive mask made with Grapeseed Oil may be effective to combat dry hair. Properties: Grapeseed Oil leaves the skin with a smooth, satin finish. As the oil is hypoallergenic it is suitable for sensitive skin and is ideal for oily skin as it will leave your skin soft and not tacky. It is used in many skin creams and other cosmetics.

All vegetable oils & fats are 100% fat and are generally high in calories (on average about 120 calories per tablespoon). Vegetable oils are often used in food preparation for salad dressings, cooking, frying, baking, sauces and marinades. As a general guide, virgin and unrefined oils have more of the oil’s natural flavour and lend themselves well for use in cold dishes. Refined oils generally have longer shelf lives and may have a higher smoke point and therefore be better for high heat cooking, but this varies depending on the type of oil. Each oil has its own distinct flavour and nutrient and Fatty Acid composition, so each oil may be used for different purposes depending on your need.

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Black Cumin Seed Oil 50 ml 100% Pure & Organic Coldpressed Skin Care Product-Natural Anti-Aging Moisturizer For Men & Women-Professional Acne Scar Removal/Cure For Teens, Girls, Boys-Hydrates & Fades Dark Spots

Black Cumin Seed Oil 50 ml 100% Pure & Organic Coldpressed Skin Care Product-Natural Anti-Aging Moisturizer For Men & Women-Professional Acne Scar Removal/Cure For Teens, Girls, Boys-Hydrates & Fades Dark Spots

  • ✔ NUMEROUS BENEFITS – Hydrates, Moisturizes And Enhances Your Skin’s Softness And Smoothness. Increases The Production Of Fatty Acids And Boosts Effectively The Hydration Of Your Skin. Protects From The Sun, Stimulates Collagen Synthesis And Much More. An Organic Skin Care Product That Can Upgrade The Look Of Your Skin And Promote Its Youthfulness!
  • ✔ GOLD QUALITY – We Strive To Produce And Provide Only The Best Facials That Will Always Satisfy You And Will Never Create Any Irritations. That Is Why, For Our Complete Skin Treatment We Have Chosen 100% Pure Black Cumin Oil That Can Only Help Your Skin And Appearance!
  • ✔ UNMATCHED FORMULATION – Of Top Notch Elements That Are Well Known For Their Skin And Health Benefits. Rich In Beta-Carotene, Vitamin E And K1 That Work As Antioxidants, Omega 3 Acids, Vitamin C, Zinc And The List Goes On. A Cocktail Of The Nature’s Most Powerful Nutrients That Can Help Your Face Regain Its Natural Beauty!
  • ✔ ANTIBACTERIAL & ANTI-INFLAMMATORY – The Perfect Treatment For Acne And Redness That Can Occur From Many Diseases And Allergies. Heals Infections Faster And Is Also Great For Eczema, Skin Boils And Psoriasis Scales. A Must Have For Your Infected And Full Of Scars And Pimples Face!
  • ✔ ANTI-AGING PROPERTIES – Thanks To The Black Cumin Oil That Is Full Of Antioxidants The Delay Of The Aging Process Is Possible. By Accelerating The Skin Cell Renewal, Our Anti-Aging Cleanser Can Prevent The Formation Of Wrinkles And May Reduce Existing Ones, Cleaning Your Face From Undesirable Age Marks And Fine Lines.

High In Potency & With Multiple Benefits-The Full Body Treatment That Shouldn’t Miss From Any House!

Suffering from rough and damaged skin, acne, age scars and spots or any other skin irritation?

If you want to get relieved of those problems, our natural skin care oil is definitely for you.

Check Out Its Unrivaled Benefits Below:

• Reduces acne scars and redness providing a more beautiful and appealing face even for teens with a severe problem!
• May fade dark spots and old scars that refuse to leave, for a perfect skin with no imperfections!
• Moisturizes and strengthens your hair and may reduce your hair loss problems after regular application!
• Hydrates your dry and cracked skin, ensuring a smoother and softer to the touch surface!
• Has antibacterial properties and is perfect for damaged and diseased skin because it fights infections!
Improves skin tone and texture and works as a natural lifting that reduces wrinkles and fine lines!

Stop flushing your hard earned money down the toilet with beauty and skin care products that have no results.

This is your chance to win the glowing and stunning skin you have always wished for.

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