JS-Care Devil’s Claw cream

JS-Care Devil's Claw cream

Devil’s claw – nasty name, heavenly effect

Pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory

Advantages at a glance:

– For pain relief, anti-inflammatory, decongestant
– relieves pain in the entire musculoskeletal system or for treating chronic pain
– ideal for combating signs of wear (arthritis)
– improves mobility
– also suitable for treating skin diseases
– includes urea
– extralarge jar (500 ml)
– rich, creamy consistency

For many centuries, indigenous people in Africa use the devil’s claw as a natural remedy for curing back and joint pain. The ingredients of the plant are well-known for their anti-inflammatory , analgesic and decongestant effects.
Devil’s claw improves the mobility , which may be impaired by rheumatic diseases and by the wear and tear of joints (arthritis). In addition, it helps to soothe chronic pain.
The devil’s claw cream contains the analgesic, decongestant and anti-inflammatory agents of the plant in high concentration.
The cream is a real relief for the entire musculoskeletal system and is also able to treat skin diseases, such as psoriasis or eczema. Urea, another ingredient of the devil’s claw cream, enhances the positive effect on the skin. Urea has a nourishing and moisturizing effect.
Included in the delivery: XXL jar with 500 ml.

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