NOTIME Red Blue LED Photon Therapy Massager Tool – Facial Skin Rejuvenation Machine-Minimizes Pores Acne Pimples-Enhance Blood Circulation

NOTIME Red Blue LED Photon Therapy Massager Tool - Facial Skin Rejuvenation Machine-Minimizes Pores Acne Pimples-Enhance Blood Circulation

  • 3 IN 1 MULTIFUNCTION DEVICE FOR AN ALL AROUND FACIAL TREATMENT: SKB’s Light Therapy Device utilizes 3 cutting edge technologies for a complete facial and body skin care package. Employing positive ions to cleanse the skin from impurities, negative ions that make the skin more absorbent to useful nutrients and Electronic Muscle Stimulation to make the skin tighter and healthier again.
  • NON-INVASIVE, PAINFREE, COST-EFFECTIVE: Our facial toner machine offer you an easy to use solution that guarantees results without the pain, cost and risk of cosmetic surgeries or Botox injections. Sit comfortably at your home and with only a pleasurable massage session, you are guaranteed to progressively see your skin getting healthy again.
  • ALL THE POSITIVE EFFECTS A BEAUTY DEVICE CAN OFFER: Our skin tightening device is a solution to a multitude of skin related problems. Suitable for use in any problem area, it can stimulate the skin to produce new collagen, resulting in wrinkles, scars and fine lines to fade away thus rejuvenating the skin. Furthermore, it can boost metabolism, relieve for muscle fatigue and help with acne treatment.
  • LED TECHNOLOGY, THE GO TO TECH BY DERMATOLOGISTS: LED Photon therapy is vastly used by dermatologists around the world since it’s shown to offer significant results and acts as a non-invasive, painless alternative to collagen injections and cosmetic surgeries. This face massage makes it a patient favorite to treat aging symptoms of the skin.
  • THE BEST ANTI-AGING TOOL AT YOUR DISPOSAL: Very rarely will you come across such a skin rejuvenation device that can help you treat so many issues at once. This might be the perfect gift for yourself to get the glow back on your skin and look beautiful. Do not let this unique bargain go away! Grab it while you can!

An Amazing, All Around, 3 In 1, High Tech Skin Care Tool That Will Work Wonders For Your Skin

Utilizing the best principles technology has to offer, we give you a Photon And Galvanic Therapy multi-tool that features LED and high Technology which will help you improve the vitality of your skin.

Taking advantage of SKB’s body and face exerciser equipment to cleanse impurities of the skin, make your skin more absorbent to nutrients, toning and lifting your skin to restore its youthfulness and make wrinkles and fine lines fade away.

The Advanced Solution For A Pain-Free And Safe Skin Treatment

No need for invasive surgeries or face lift injections that will cost a fortune, are painful and involve the risk of being unsuccessful.

Sit comfortably at home and gain your beauty back by simply giving yourself a simple massage session, without any pain or discomfort at an affordable price.

Don’t believe us yet? Well, let us add the fact that our face firming device employs LED technology that is vastly used by dermatologists around the world as an alternative to intrusive cosmetic procedures, and they do know best.

It’d Be Crazy To Pass On All This Amazing handheld facial massager Has To Offer

When a portable product can offer so much, you simply can’t let it slip away. With a single purchase you get to have a high tech skin care system at your disposal, available any time.

Acne problems, wrinkles, lack of collagen, skin impurities, loose skin, fine lines, you name it! SKB’s galvanic spa machine will help you immensely in battling all those pesky symptoms!

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NOTIME Galvanic Eye And Ionico Facial Massager Tool- Microcurrent Face Lift Machine

NOTIME Galvanic Eye And Ionico Facial Massager Tool- Microcurrent Face Lift Machine

  • YOUNGER SKIN: Reverse time with the ion face massager! Perform periodic small rituals with the Dual Function face firming machine and eye care massager and watch your face grow brighter and younger!
  • HEALTHIER LOOK: Remove lines and wrinkles with the galvanic facial machine. Help the nutrients of your cream products penetrate deep! Increase your skin’s metabolism and restore its natural coloring and elasticity!
  • COMPLETE FACIAL CARE: The face massager machine ensures you get the specialized care your skin needs, tones and tightens your saggy skin.
  • USEFUL BEAUTY TOOL FOR ALL: No matter your age or skin type, there is a specific use for you. Just use your favorite skin care product and perform a massage, relax and relief your skin at home.
  • STRESS-FREE AND CONVENIENT: Consult our comprehensive guide for the best experience! Used correctly, the face lift machine will give you the greatest results and will function soundly for the longest time.

Enjoy specialized skin care with the ion face massager and eye anti wrinkle massager of NOTIME! Tired of spending a fortune at the beauty salon? Do you find that your skin care product isn’t as effective as you’d like? Our multi facial machine is the solution.

Harness The Power Of Microcurrent Technology

The facial cleaning tools utilizes positive and negative ions for a deeper skin cleanse. The same method improves the skin’s metabolism and stimulates the cells’ absorption powers!

Three Effects for Better Skin

Hydration: The action of the skin tightening machine strengthens the water retention of skin cells, enhancing your moisturizing product.

Nutrition: Benefit from the power of ions for the maximum efficiency of your skin care products. Rouse your skin cells’ nutrient absorption powers.

Lifting: Stimulate the production of collagen, eliminate puffy eyes, tighten your skin and boost its elasticity!

A Complete face massager roller For All

Provide the specialized care your skin deserves. Whatever your skin type or age, there is a mode of operation or skin care routine for you. Consult our comprehensive instructions for an easy, painless and stress-free experience.

Easy To Use and Portable To Take

It easy to use as well just requires 2 AAA battery which is not included
two settings,one for face, wash your face first and apply a water based cream so the massager slides over the face. Push the on button downwards for the face.
Another is for eye, apply an eye cream/serum and then push button upwards and use the smaller nodule that’s designed for eye area,gently glide over wrinkles and focus on one point for 5-8 seconds then move on to test of wrinkles.
please make sure your hand is making contact with both ion sensors

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