Mini In-Ear Sound Amplifier – Hear a whisper up to 100ft away!

Mini In-Ear Sound Amplifier - Hear a whisper up to 100ft away!

  • Sensitive built in microphone offers excellent amplification
  • Can be worn in the left or right ear
  • Discreet and comfortable
  • Includes 3 different sized ear buds to offer the best fit
  • Requires 1 1.5v battery – 2 are supplied with the device.

Hear a whisper up to 100ft away with the amazing hearing amplifier and save £££’s! You can now follow every word of conversations, even at a distance and enjoy listening to your favourite music with amazing clarity thanks to this inner ear amplifier.

The Magic Ear’s micro technology is very advanced; its built-in microphone is extremely sensitive and there’s also a volume control to help you adjust to all conditions. So simple to use and fully adjustable, the mini sound amplifier has transformed the lives of thousands.

This mini is so powerful; it is advisable to increase the volume very gradually to avoid a sudden increase in sound! It fits unobtrusively behind the ear and is a subtle flesh colour so no one need know you’re wearing it! Comes with a 1.5V battery required and one spare battery. 3 different sized earbuds provided to ensure best fit.

Discount Price: £7.70
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