Wheelchair88 PW-4X4Q STAIR CLIMBER

Wheelchair88 PW-4X4Q STAIR CLIMBER

  • Controller Side – Righ Side Controller

If you want to go anywhere and maximize independence, the PW-4X4Q Stair Climber is your best choice. This is a true 4-wheel drive wheelchair with powerful motors for stair climbing capabilities.
PW-4x4Q is a Stair Climbing Wheelchair that is a true 4-wheel drive. It is able to handle difficult terrane including climb up and down stairs, steeper slopes, snow, sandy beach, muddy or bumpy roads etc.
This wheelchair is equipped with a gyroscope that synchronize the angle of your seat in relation to the ground. Seat angle is automatically adjusted on stairs or slopes, which allows your body to maintain an upright position.
It can climb and descend 25 degree stairs, or steps as high as 12-15cm (4.7 – 5.9 inches) depends on the user’s skill level, with a maximum slope angle up to 30 degrees.
The only electric wheelchair able to make a 360° U-turn on the spot, with a turning radius of only 49 cm (19.2 in).
State of the art PG drive controller, with excellent control precision and LED display.
Travels up to 20 km (12.4 miles) of climbing and driving on rough terrain; and up to 30km (18.6 miles) on flat surfaces.
Higher sitting position for better social interaction.
Racing car seat design with deep contoured (High Support) memory foam.
Rear and side LED lights makes PW-4x4Q highly visible while driving on the road.
Comfortable throw back armrests are adjustable by height, width and angle.
NEW FEATURE! Adjust seat tilting for reclining using a joystick controller.

  • Max speed:- 7.

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